How Computers Process Data?


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The computer system is a data processing machine. It comprises hardware that carries out data processing and consists of several components. These components are input, processing, output and storage. Data is entered into the computer using input devices, then processing is carried out by the processor, output is displayed by output devices and finally data is stored in storage devices.
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How A Computer process data
Two components handle processing in a computer are the central processing unit or CPU, and the memory. Both are located on the motherboard which connects the CPU to all the other hardware devices.
The CPU is the brain of the computer that is place where data is manipulated. Every CPU has at least two basic parts; these are the control unit and the arithmetic logic unit.
• The control unit
The duty of the control unit is manage all the computer’s resources. It seems to be a traffic cop directing the flow of data, logical hub of the computer.
• The arithmetic logic unit
Due to a lot of the processing which takes place involves comparing numbers or carrying out mathematical operations, the computer can perform only two types of operations. These are arithmetic operations and logical operations. Arithmetic operations include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Logical operations include comparisons, such as determining whether one number is equal to, greater than, or less than another number.
Arithmetic logic unit or ALU is the second component of the CPU. It includes a group of registers – high-speed memory locations built directly into the CPU that are used to hold the data currently being processed. For instance, the control unit might load two numbers from memory into the registers in the ALU. Then, it might tell The ALU to divide the two numbers (an arithmetic operation), or to see whether the numbers are equal (a logical operation).

Memory is the area which can hold programs and the data being manipulated. This electronic memory allows the CPU to store and retrieve data very quickly. The CPU is attached to two kinds of memory: RAM which is volatile and ROM which is nonvolatile. Besides, the CPU accesses each location in memory with a unique number, called the memory address.
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Data processing takes place when the observable information is converted into electrical signals. Data can be categorized as the numbers and the characters and then that information is algorithmically derived and that is logically deducted and the measured information is derived. From this information multiple data is derived out.
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Data, stored as 1's and 0's is sent to the processor along with instructions that tell the processor how to handle the data.  The 1's are represented by electrical charges and the 0's are the absence of an electrical charge.  The processor has a pin grid array which acts as its means of communicating with other parts of the computer.  The computer electrifies certain pins and the processor will perform whatever instructions were included with them and then give an output, another set of electrically charged/not electrically charged pins.  The Arithmetic Logic Unit, a part of the processor, performs the functions that the processor does such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  Along with those it can flip a set of bits and do some other very basic operations.
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