What Equipments Do You Need To Survive On Mars?


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To survive one Mars your supplies would have to include the things listed below(depending on how long you will be staying):
• Food, most likely food that is fit for astronauts who go to space often.
• Water, of course, to keep you well hydrated.
• Air, so that it is possible for you to breathe. Being as though there is no air in space.
• Ways to dispose of waste such as, after you eat, after you relieve yourself and so forth.
• Ways to resupply things that are not ecological.
• More than one way to recycle items that are mandatory for everyday life.
• More than one change of clothing or a way to wash out your only clothing.
• Items to clean yourself.
• Self-producing heat, as it can be very cold on mars, even below -50!
• A power source.
• A plant or two, and possibly an animal to maintain your bionetwork.
Resources: My research for my science project :-)

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