What Are The Best Titles For Investigatory Project In Physics?


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Physics is a natural science that is concerned with the in-depth study of matter and its interactions with time and space. It has a close relationship with math and it is used to explain many of the equations in theoretical physics. A good title for an investigative project in physics should be catchy without sounding too amateurish.

If the investigations have to do with any of the modern technology that physics had a hand in developing, a modern theme should be used as a title. If the investigation has to do with anything related to time and space, a pop culture title could be used as something such as a Star Wars theme gets attention.

Modern physics covers everything from the smallest particles such as electrons to the very largest of super clusters of galaxies in the universe. This includes studying the basic objects that compose all other things and for this fact physics is also known as a fundamental science.

Scientists in physics use the scientific method to test the validity of a physical theory using a methodical approach. Observations and experiments are collected and matched up with the hypotheses and predictions made by a theory to determine if a theory is valid. Once a hypothesis passes peer review from a panel of experts in that field of study it becomes a scientific theory. It will remain in place and be considered the best possible explanation until data to the contrary or better data becomes available. At that point in time, the whole process starts all over with the scientific method again used to find the best possible explanation for the phenomenon in question.

The best titles for a physics project will catch the eye and make the reader want to learn more about the subject by reading your paper.

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