What Can We Do To Become More Eco-friendly?


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To become more Eco-friendly, first we must quit living as if there is no tomorrow. Most of the people I know that are not as Eco-friendly as I would expect, don't seem to care much about what the future has to bring. Somehow we need to get these people to understand that what we do today has a lasting effect on the world.

There are many easy things to be more Eco-friendly. Recycle, use less disposable products. Reuse where you can. Walk or ride your bike to things that are closer to your home instead of driving.

Plant a new tree once a year. Even if you have to go to an open wooded area, plant another tree and it will help expand that open area. Plant a garden.
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It's about changing our attitudes, isn't it? We're all used to thinking we can't make a difference on our own; but of course if each individual does something, it will make a difference.

The best list of hints I've found so far is at search-for-me.co.uk (but most of it applies whichever country you're in.) There was also an article at www.allaboutyou.com where some people described changes they had made.
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Educate the ignorant people who really do not want to go out of their way to learn how. Like me! :) I do not know what I can do to help and I don't want to go searching for the answers as I don't really know the consequences.
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The single most important thing the average person can do is to change you Light Bulbs to the LED one's!
This well save you $$$$ and you will reduce your Footprint a lot!
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We really need to educate children about the horrors we are inflicting on our planet. Too many adults have forgotten the importance of being Eco-Friendly, or they have committed something far worse than memory lapse.. Many of us have sold out our mother earth for greed. Those of us that care must not give up the fight and we must actively recruit for our cause and lead by example!
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In it's most simple form, let's start being Eco-friendly at home. For example, we throw away so much food, that it isn't funny. The amount of food that we consume whether at home or in a restaurant then throw away per meal, can feed more than a few families/homes in certain countries, even our own inner cities. Now estimate that waste/lose of food per week, per month, per year!! Get the picture? Lord forgive us for being so wasteful.
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We can get eco friendly cars and recycle  !

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