Consider The Following Ethical Dilemma. What Personal And Professional Values Are Connected To This Dilemma?


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In order to define the personal and professional values that are connected to a specific dilemma, you need to understand what values are. Values are basically defined as standards or codes of behaviour.

Some values we learn within our families and social circles. As a child, you might have been taught to respect other people’s property, or learned that you needed to respect your elders.

Professional values are taught in the workplace and they are usually defined by a business. You will be able to find these listed on a company’s website.

People are usually asked whether they are willing to take these values to heart when they are hired by a business.

When you consider the ethical dilemma at hand, ask yourself why the problem exists at all. What issues underpin the problem? List all of these issues and then see if you can divide them into professional and personal values.

It can be difficult defining ethical dilemmas sometimes, but once you have done this, identifying the personal and professional values becomes easier. 

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