How Can I Handle An Ethical Dilemma?


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An ethical dilemma is a situation where your personal ethics become conflicted with other ethics. It is a conflict of your moral imperatives and will mean that one ethic will be breached by another.

An ethic dilemma arose at work when my boss once asked me to cut customers off after five minutes of the call if this was their first call of the day. He said that this would reduce waiting times, improve our individual and team stats, build a need for more staff, better bonuses and only inconvenince the customers slightly. Whilst disobeying my boss is ethically incorrect, treating the customers with this level of disdain shows a lack of professionalism and courtesy to the client.

In this situation, I asked a couple of other colleagues what they thought about felt about the situation. They were equally unhappy. We decided to approach the manager on behalf of the call centre and ask him not to ask us to do this and stated that if he continued to ask, then we would be very unhappy in our positions.

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