What Are The Parts Of Human Ear?


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For a clear diagram that details all the parts of the human ear, then click on this link.

There are three parts to the typical human ear, the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.

  • The outer ear
The outer ear is the part of the ear that we are most familiar with. It contains the ear flap, which is the shell shaped growth on the side of the head that is designed to trap and transmit sound down the ear canal. The ear canal is the hole that leads from the ear flap into the more sensitive region of the middle ear.

  • The middle ear
The middle ear contains four key components that allow us to hear. The first of these is the ear drum, a thin membrane that is stretched over the entrance to the middle ear which vibrates when sound waves pass through it. These vibrations are then transmitted to three tiny bones, the hammer, anvil and stirrup which each transmit the sound wave into the inner ear.

The Eustachian tube also begins in the middle ear. This is a tube that allows you to drain mucus from the middle ear. It also helps equalize air pressure, such as when you chew or yawn when a flight is ascending or descending and the air pressure increases or decreases.

  • The inner ear
The stirrup touches a liquid filled sack which transmits the vibrations to the cochlea, a shell-shaped structure which contains hundreds of special cells which are directly attached to the auditory nerve leading to the brain. The sound travels along the auditory nerve to the brain which then unscrambles the sound and allows us to distinguish between different sounds.
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I will guest that the ear is important and have like 13
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There are three types of human ear:-
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Outer ear is the sound collector middle ear is the sound amplifier and the inner is the sound interpreter
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The ear has like pinna ear cannal ear drum hammer anvil stirrup cochlea and some other stuff
these are just the simple names for it

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