There Are 32 Parts Of Human Body In Which We Hit Accurately The Human Will Die, What Are The 32 Parts Of Human Body?


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My dear there are more than 32 points. Take a look at Weak Points Of Human Body and see list of all those points. I am mentioning here a few.
Back of the neck (3rd vertebrae)

Front of throat

Side of the neck (Slightly above the collarbone)

Muscle at base of neck (Right where the neck joins into the shoulders
is a group of muscles and nerves).


The upper back – Located on the spinal column midway between the
shoulder blades is a raised ridge area.


"Tickle point"- A forceful blow to the “false or floating ribs” located at the very bottom of the rib cage. It is well known as a “tickle spot.”

Solar Plexus.

Lower pelvic area (Above the pubic bone but below the
belly button)

Groin (The testicular/vaginal area).

Coccyx (tailbone).



Arm pit.


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