What Are Some Project Title Names Related To The Software Field?


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When developing a software program, coming up with a title is quite important.

You'll want something that is catchy and memorable, but which represents or embodies the software in question.

For example, if you're creating a content management system, you may want to use an edgy but descriptive name like Kontent_Kontrol.

Here's a quick guide (and a few examples) for naming software projects:

Naming software projects
Whenever I think of 'cool' software names, the first things that come to mind are the various products released by Apple.

Names like OS X Mountain Lion have something of a 'covert tactical ops' feel to them, and this might be an approach you want to take.

'Firefox' is another software title that I really like. It matches its logo really well, and the name sounds intriguing and exciting.

Names like 'Netscape' are good because they immediately tell you what field the project is associated with, even if you've never heard of it before.

'PowerPoint' is a strong example of using memorable key words in the title of software to entice users.

Microsoft could have easily called their presentation software something like 'MS Slideshow', but PowerPoint has a more memorable ring to it.

For more examples of software titles, why not visit Columbia Edu's list of software titles?
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There is a long list of IT projects. Some simple projects are:

  • Student Information System
  • Medical system of a hospital
  • Mobile Parliamentary statistical information service
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