The __________ approach to the nature-nurture issues states that it is a combination of both environment and heredity that influence development?


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This is the Francis Galton school of thought in the nature-nurture debate.

There are different schools of thought when it comes to the nature/nurture debate. There are, however, people that do agree that there is no definitive answer and the way that someone behaves and acts is a result of both nature and nurture.

  • Nature
Where a person was born, their parents and their genetics is said to influence how someone will act and nature is a deciding factor for many researchers when looking for people to study for these reasons.
Nature being a determining factor in how we act as humans has been researched thoroughly. Many of these studies involve people being taken out of their natural environment and tested to see if they would still act the same.

  • Nurture
The other school of thought is based around nurture. This is where the thoughts and behaviors of a person is based around how they have been brought up and what values they have been taught to have. This is seen as a stronger argument than the argument for nature being the main factor in our behavior.

  • Medical history
Although both nature and nurture are seen as being equally as important in human behavior, there is the issue of hereditary mental health issues. These come from a nature element and in these cases nature will be a stronger deciding factor than nurture as the nature of mental health problems mean that they will outweigh and overpower and nurturing factors that try to change the behavior of people with mental health issues.

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