Where Can I Sell Liquid Mercury In UK And Prices Paid?


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You may find it quite difficult to sell liquid mercury due to the dangers of the product and subsequent licenses and special packaging you would require to post any orders. It is advised to think if it is worth trying to sell liquid mercury and if you think there is a big enough market available.

You will find the odd bottle of liquid mercury will pop up on eBay, so perhaps your best and easiest way of selling liquid mercury would be to list on here yourself. A 500g bottle of liquid mercury fetches around £50 on the site.

If you are wishing to sell it on eBay then you simply do the following:

  • Head to
  • Sign in to your account
  • If you do not have an account you need to click on 'sign up' and complete the form
  • List your liquid mercury on either for auction or with a buy it now option
As liquid mercury can be very dangerous if leaked, it is of paramount importance that if you are planning on posting it that it is packaged correctly. It needs to be completely sealed and there needs to be a second layer that will stop the liquid leaking if the seal is somehow broken.

You could get into a lot of trouble if you send out the package without these guidelines. You really have to consider if it is worth trying to sell it at all.
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You can sell liquid mercury through eBay that is largest website provide facility to buy and sell your personal products. You can easily get rid of this liquid mercury through this easy way. All you need is to post your products through registering into site and give brief details about product and picture if available.
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If you get caught with liquid Mercury you can and will be in trouble with gov't agencies.  Call an environmental lab and ask what you should do.
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Maybe at a trading post.
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I have samples of mercury metal. Email at [email protected] if anyone is interested. Don't know much about laws governing the obtainment of the stuff, just need to get rid of it. High purity too
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You can sell liquid mercury on your local craigslist or have an eBay auction, as for what  you can expect to get for it often sells for one or two dollars an ounce depending on purity and quantity. The most important thing is to be sure it is handled properly and safely
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HI I don't know the regulations but I'm learning now how to handle liquid mercury as I have found a large quantity in a storage clearance, please can anyone advise the best place to read the guidelines and where to buy the correct bottles. Once I'm satisfied then it will be for sale to anyone with a industrial use for it.

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Gold digger use mercury to purify the gold from soil. The same goes for other goldworkers.
Some chemical laboratories use mercury to do tests. So , these people will buy  mercury.
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If is actually mercury it is a hazardous substances and as such it needs to be properly contained and packaged as hazardous. This is the first thing you need to determine. If it is not packaged in a certified container you should call the hazmat usually the fire department where you live.

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