Advantages Of Hard And Soft Water For Brewing, And How It Each One Affects Teeth Strength And Density? PLEASE Very URGENT!


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Hey, I'm working on this atm, as I'm doing it for my gcse coursework, a few of the notes I have got for brewery are;

hard water:
Sulphates give nice flavour
magnesium is used by the yeast to produce necessary enzymes
calcium helps give acidity to balance out the acidity/alkali levels
carbonates help give alkalinity to balance out the acidity/alkali levels
carbonates also help the process of extracting tannins from hops and grains

some of the teeth/bones advantages of hard water are basically that, calcium is good for growth and helps make them stronger. Also that the fluorine and calcium helps prevent teeth decay. And thats about all I currently have for the teeth bones atm, I'm looking for more atm.

Hope this helps you out a bit,

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