Can Leaves Which Are Not Green Make Food?


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Leaves which are not green can still make their own food. Whereas green plants make their food through photosynthesis in the presence of the green pigment chlorophyll and sunlight, non-green plants have different types of colored pigments in their leaves which allow them to trap sunlight and use it as an energy source to power food production.

To illustrate this idea, we can use the example of the coleus plant. The coleus isn't a green plant, but it is still able to trap sunlight using other colored pigments in its leaves such as carotene (an orange colored pigment) and xanthophyll (a yellow colored pigment). These pigments trap energy from sunlight in a similar way to how chlorophyll does in green plant species. They use this energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen which can then be transported around the plant or stored as excess food sources for emergencies during which photosynthesis cannot take place at the required rate.

Food is transported from the leaves in a plant to where it is needed via the phloem. The phloem is a transportation vessel which works alongside the xylem to carry sugars (glucose) to other parts of the plant as required. The xylem, meanwhile, transports water and nutrients absorbed from the soil through the roots to the stem and leaves of the plant. Some examples of plant nutrients which are essential to allow healthy growth and development in plant species are phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen and magnesium. Nutrient deficiencies can lead to stunted growth, dead leaves and poor root spreading, so it's essential that a plant has access to nutrient-rich soil if it is to reach its full growth potential.
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Yes.Although the leaves are not green in colour, it still have chlorophyll to make their own food.
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It is called 'hidden chlorophyll'
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Like red ,orange,purple can make food because they still have chlorophyll inside.....

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