How Does Colored Light Affect Plant Growth?


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Light color has a very significant effect on plant growth.

Why Does Light Color Matter?
Plants use light to create energy, in a process called photosynthesis. Natural sunlight contains a whole spectrum of colors - each of which is absorbed by a different pigment in the plant.

All of these different pigments must be “fed” in order for all parts of the plant to get the energy they need. If some of these pigments aren’t receiving light, they’re not being fed.

Because of this, certain parts of the plant won’t grow as well as they should, and this is why light color is important!

Blue light is good for encouraging overall plant growth, and red light helps the plant to blossom. Green light is converted into an energy source called chlorophyll.

Sunlight, although it doesn’t seem to have a color, is actually made up of all the colors of the spectrum  - this makes it the best choice for growing plants.
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Plants absorb light in different amounts of colours in the spectrum. Since the colour green is not absorbed by plants but bounced off, leaves appear green to our eye.
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Red light makes it bigger.

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