Where Is Sugar Removed From The Blood?


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Sugar is converted into energy after it is ingested.  People need energy to function, and "good sugars" (i.e. Low glycemic index rated sugars) are released into the blood stream at a slower rate of absorption which is the healthiest for the human body.  Bad sugars (high rated on the glycemic index) are absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly which causes more work for the pancreas.  The pancreas is the organ responsible for maintaining sugar levels in the body.  If there is too much sugar in our blood, then the pancreas will release insulin to control it.  If it's forced to do this regularly (i.e. Due to a diet high in processed sugars) this puts an unhealthy level of stress on the body which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and will also interfere with the absorption of calcium (needed for healthy bones and to prevent osteoporosis) and magnesium.

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