What Happens When Blood Flows Through The Kidneys?


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The blood is basically cleaned up in the kidneys – waste is removed to be excreted in the urine and the mineral and ion balance is corrected.

Blood passes into capillaries of a structure called the glomerulus as the first step. The walls of the capillaries act as filters so that the larger items in the blood – red and white cells and platelets – do not pass through. Water, dissolved salts, sugar and urea (waste from protein usage) all get through and then flow through a series of small tubes, or tubules.

Various things are taken in and out during the blood's transit through these tubules. Water and dissolved salts are reabsorbed, as is the sugar. Small amounts of salt and urea pass through to the collecting duct, which then leads out of the kidney. The solution that exits the kidney is urine and it passes along the ureter to the bladder and from there, it leaves the body.
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Blood enters the kidneys via the afferent artery to the glomerulas and gets filtered through a series of cells called podocytes (foot cells) located on the viceral layer of the Bowman's Capsule. The Podocytes sit between the capillary membrane of the glomerulas and the Basement membrane which allows the glomerulas filtrate to pass freely through (anything smaller than 7.2 micrometers). Water, poilpeptides, amino acids, Sugars, Urea and electrolytes all pass through as glomerular filtrates into the Bowman's Capsule, then flows freely through the Proximal Convoluted Tubule (PCT),Loop of Henle and back up to the Distal Convoluted Tubule (DCT) while a series of reabsorbsion takes place until we reach the DCT where some secreations take place. All of the glucose,most of the proteins, 99% of water as well as some amino acids and electrolytes are reabsorbed in these tubules. The Urea, Uric acid, creatinine, and some potassium escapes into the collecting ducts where urine is formed and then passes into the blabber via our 2 ureters to be stored and then later excreated via our urethra.
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The blood becomes red
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The blood enters a nephron - which is shown below-
the nephron is located in the part of the kidney called medulla- which is shown in the diagram below-
Blood flows into the bowman's capsule located in the nephron - this is where the filtration begins.  Materials that are filtered during this process are called filtrate.  The filtrate includes water, urea, glucose, salts, amino acids,  and some vitamins.  Because the blood plasma, proteins, cells, and platelets are to to large to pass through the capillary walls, they remain in the blood.  Nutrients are then reabsorbed in the loop of henle.  The leftover fluid is then called urine and exits the liver through the collecting duct.

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