What's A Food Pyramid?


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A food pyramid is essentially a classification of the various food items that we consume, given in a particular order or food group, which if followed will be beneficial to you. At the bottom of the pyramid is the energy and fiber rich foods such as bread, rice, muffins etc (carbohydrates, vitamins, iron and minerals) which should be an essential part of anybody's diet.
The next level of the pyramid is the vegetables and the fruits that are a must for everybody because these tend to provide the body with those nutrients that are generally left out by the regular diet. The next is the dairy and meat products. While dairy such as milk and cheese provide you with all the calcium that you need the meat is an excellent source of protein. However, red meat is also rich in cholesterol and hence must be consumed carefully. The topmost group is the sweets that don't play too much of an importance in ones diet and should be consumed sparingly.
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The food pyramid is a way to represent the essential elements in a diet graphically in the shape of a pyramid that has colored vertical stripes that are broader at the base and converge at the tip of the pyramid. Each color represents a food element. Orange is for grains, green for vegetables, red for fruits, yellow for oils and fats, blue is for milk and dairy products and purple is for meat, fish and beans. The foods that we should eat less like fats (yellow) and meats (purple) have a thinner strip than others. The thickness of the stripe depends on the benefit offered by each element. It is made by the US department of agriculture to educate people about what our daily diet should include.
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It tells you what 2 eat
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A diagram in the shape of a pyramid,that separates foods from healthy,fats,proteins,beans and nuts and sweets,that recommends our daily food intake

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