Define Adlerian Counseling And Their Basic Aim. Please Do Write The Names Of Techniques They Use?


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Adlerian counseling is based on
the concepts of Individual Psychology. The Adlerians use principles and
practices for individuals,  to help individuals and groups of various
types.  They approach each situation with a strategy of conflict
resolution. In the area of adult child relation wealth of information is
available with specific recommendations .It has particularly demonstrated that Adlerian approach in marriage conflict, negotiating ,
multicultural conflicts and similar situations is highly effective. By using the conflict
resolution and logic of social living based on social equality, it 
teaches how to apply the approach in the variety of situations. There are
different techniques that Adlerians have proposed to deal with the situations
these are as follows:

Acting as if

Catching oneself

The question

Spitting in the client’s soup

Avoiding the star baby

Push button technique

Home work

Life tasks and therapy

Paradoxical intention

Task setting and commitment

By using these techniques in
different circumstances ,Adlerian counselors have applied this approach
in variety of  situations.

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