In Pakistan What Is The Scope Of Clinical Psychology?


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You will find that clinical psychology in Pakistan is still based on religion.

Most clinical psychologists in Pakistan still believe soundly in religion. They believe that though psychology has its uses, it is still an issue more with religion and not praying enough; which can lead to psychological issues.

  • Rehman

For example Rehman is an education psychologist. Rehman went to school for psychology and learned a lot of what the US learns regarding the study of science. However, Rehman still believes that most problems result in the fact that most of the individuals seen are not as spiritual as they should be.

Instead, what Rehman does is look for behavior modification based on western style, as well as using religion to help relieve some of the issues. Pakistan continually trains psychologists in Western techniques, but they are able to practice as they see fit.

  • Pakistani psychologists' views

A lot of the practices and studies are focusing on cultures, family oriented and collective cultures as is the norm in Pakistan. From this they are looking to find a way to use their western knowledge that is also going to fit within the societal norms and beliefs.

Rehman stated in a news article that those who believe in God will not lose hope in their own lives, but those who are not following religion as they did before, or ever will, find they have more issues. There is also a stigma regarding psychology among Pakistan people.

They do not believe that something wrong with an individual could be related to science instead of there being an abnormality such as possession or other religious issues.

Clinical psychology is growing in scope to include more western teachings, but it is taking a long time for the conversion to be complete and will most likely still center on religion; even after it is more widely accepted.
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Hamna Arooj
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Religion is a very important aspect of a nation. People don't blindly follow a religion but they believe in it and they have a faith. As a student of psychology i believe that people with psychological disorders should be treated according to their beliefs and values. According to what they give preference to. Psychology is not something different than religion. Some people now a days are trying to manipulate the religion of Pakistani people. The techniques given by the west are very important and has its own significant but it does not mean that they can not be applied in different cultures with different religions. Religion is not a different path. Rather it is a way of living.
Islamic Religion is given a totally opposite perspective these days and the major role in it is played by the media.
Here psychologist don't believe that any abnormal behavior is due to improper religious practices only but its the social environment as well.
Hamna Arooj
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Moreover, people in Pakistan believe that things going wrong in a person's personality and behavior is related to SCIENCE. With due respect, stop thinking that people living here are not educated or backward. Following a religion does not mean that you deny science.
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Psychology is a vast field in which you will find a number of other areas on which you can focus and specialize. Clinical psychology is the most rising area in a country like Pakistan. However Organizational psychology, Counselling, Forensic have also gained importance but the status Clinical Psychology has gained over the years is tremendous. 

Number of universities are offering Msc. , MS, and Phd degree in Clinical Psychology. Major cities where these cources are available are Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawer, Faislabad and etc. Such degree in Clinical Psychology helps the students to get detailed knowledge regarding this domain. 

It makes the students eligeble enough to recognize the psychological disorders in clients/patients by knowing about their symptoms. Moreover, students get to know about the practical setting by working as internees in different organizations. 

Afterwards they can apply in various hospital and also work in private clinics. 

In pakistan they can also apply in the Pakistan army, airforce and navy. They can also apply in different institutes and universities and work by showing some teaching skills.

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