How Many Teaspoons Is 3.5 Ml?


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A teaspoon of any liquid measures 5 ml, so a teaspoon containing 3.5 ml is actually only 0.7 of a teaspoon, or the teaspoon is 70% full.

Other measurements that are common in the case of liquids are tablespoons. A full tablespoon contains 15 ml of liquid. There are 1,000 ml in a liter, equivalent in metric terms to 2.2 pints of liquid.

The liter is the core measurement when it comes to liquids. When the amount of liquid increases or decreases there are a number of different measurements that should be taken into account.

A milliliter is 1,000th of a liter, whilst the next measurement often used in America, is a centiliter, which is 100th of a liter. A deciliter is one tenth of a liter. Thus, if there are 900 ml of liquid, this could also be written as 0.9 liters, 90 centiliters or 9 deciliters.

For anything over a liter there are also measurements that are applicable. A decaliter is equivalent to 10 liters, whilst a hectoliter is 100 liters. A kiloliter is equivalent to 1,000 liters, as kilo means a thousand when it comes to metric measurements. In the same way, a thousand meters is classed as a kilometer.

Liters are most commonly used as the unit of measurement of any fluid, and this is based around the container that the fluid is placed in. The mass of the fluid is equivalent to the weight that is correspondent to it. For example, a liter of water will weigh 1 kilogram, as a gram is equivalent to a milliliter, and there are 1,000 grams in a kilogram, and 1,000 milliliters in a liter.

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