How Many Teaspoons Are In 30 Ml?


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Actually 30mls is 6 teaspoons not tablespoons
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Basically there are 0.202884136 teaspoons in 1 ml. Therefore, 30*0.202884136 is equal to almost 6.08 tablespoons. So, if you have to add 30 ml in the recipe then you can add almost 6 tablespoons in it. For reference please go on the link:

ml to tablespoons
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Just a couple of problems with your answer:
1) if there is about a fifth (0.20) of a teaspoon in 1 ml, then 30 ml is about a fifth of 30 or 6 teaspoons, not 6 tablespoons!
2) your link takes me to a site with a marvelous table that tells us that there are at least 3 kinds of teaspoons -- US, UK, and metric. So the question is ambiguous and so is the answer without saying what kind of teaspoon (the conversion factor you give applies to US teaspoons; for metric teaspoons it is exactly 0.20 and for UK, 0.168936383).

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