Can You See, Smell, Taste Microorganisms?


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Russ James answered
In soil microbiology there are many types of microorganisms. The most abundant is bacteria. One gram of soil can contain over one billion bacteria. Some bacteria are responsible for foul smells, so yes you can smell them.

Fungi is another type of microorganisms. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi through which microscopic spores are released. So yes, you can see certain parts of the life cycle. Some mushrooms can be eaten and certainly some microorganisms affect taste. Again, bacteria is one that will change flavor either good or bad.
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Amanda Wells answered
You can't see them without a microscope, but they are visible. We can't smell or taste the organism itself, but you can smell or tast the effects they produce. For instance, microorganisms produce algae on pond water, which can smell stagnant; or we can taste their effects in the yeast which goes into bread.
we call micro organisms 'micro' because they can be only seen with a microscope and cannot be seen with  naked eyes .
can we taste  microorganisms?, this prove right in case of  bacteria. Bacteria has a smell of it's own. Contaminated pond water which smells like rotten eggs, the refreshing smell after the  rain all is emitted by the bacteria.

we cannot certainly  taste microorganisms, but we can certainly feel their presence in our food due to their productivity,for eg- yeast added to a  barrel of wine,mould appears on a bread. It certainly changes the taste of the food we eat

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