What Is The Scope Of Mass Communication In Pakistan?


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The scope of mass communication in Pakistan depends on the hardware available in each area. For example, urban areas of Pakistan may have more televisions, computers, satellite dishes, and billboards - therefore, in these areas, it will be much easier to advertise or communicate on a mass scale. However, in poorer, less developed areas of this Indian city, there will be less high-technology, and therefore, fewer mediums for reaching people through mass communication.

  • About mass communication

Traditionally, newspapers, speeches in public squares, television reports and radio are used in mass communication. To an extent, all of these mediums are available in Pakistan. However, the reality is that Pakistan is quite poor, and many of its citizens are in no position to buy iPhones, televisions, and other modern instruments that allow people to communicate on a mass scale. In time, the scope of mass communication in Pakistan may increase - at present, it is sporadic, and pretty much based on the income in a specific area. Nonetheless, most Pakistanis can find ways to get access to radios and newspapers that help them to stay abreast of political changes, crimes, and general news for their part of the world and other parts of the world.

  • The information highway

Clearly, anyone in Pakistan who has Internet service is already dialed in to an entire global network of knowledge, which can be shared with other people in their country. Therefore, there is always a portal for mass communication for people in Pakistan. Today, more Pakistanis are communicating via social networking, such as Twitter and Facebook, and both of these social networking applications are international, or mass, in scope. Therefore, communicating with anyone, anywhere, is easier than ever before.

To learn more about mass communications, consider studying the subject at a college of university, or pursuing a career in broadcasting or journalism.

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