Why Is It So Important To Learn, Practice And Apply Science?


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Because everything you do is determined by science. Everything to why we are here in physics, how we are able to survive in biology, and the chemicals that make up everything around us in chemistry. Almost everything you own and use everyday is done to our scientific understanding. Without biology and chemistry we wouldn't have life safing medicines, and medical procedures etc, etc. Its the most important subject...in the world!
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If you're asking what the importance of Science is, turn on a light in your house...or just look as far as your keyboard. Science is the whole reason we have technology today.
If you're asking why you should learn it in school as a general subject, keep in mind two important reasons for general school curriculum:
1) At such a young age, it is impossible to determine what you want to be or what career path you've chosen.
2) Customizing curriculum per child is just too costly and not practical.
Bottom line, school officials and administration work to provide you a wide range of subjects - including science - so you have enough knowledge to operate in the world as we know it today AND to effectively choose your own career path.
Hope this answers your question.
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Because science is involved with everything except for grammar. Science is what explains everything that goes on in this universe, basically science is knowledge.
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Sort of like life lessons help you solve everyday problems you come in contact with,helps you learn to solve problems or figure things out you don't understand by studying how they work or what effects them...

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