Why Is Science Important?


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Science is incredibly important for a lot of reasons.

Scientists are constantly finding out more about the world, solving problems, and inventing things. Without science, the world would be a totally different place!

Science and Health
Nearly all healthcare is science. Everything from medication to surgery is a result of a scientific discovery sometime in the past!

For example, without scientists, we wouldn’t know that diabetes could be treated with insulin, or that penicillin would help with infections.

Science and Technology
Without science, you would’t be reading this now! Computers run on electricity, and without scientists, we wouldn’t even know what electricity was, let alone how to use it.

Science and Safety
Thanks to scientists, we’re able to predict the eruption of volcanoes, the arrival of storms, and the fall of heavy snow. All these things save lives, as people can prepare themselves before the danger hits, and evacuate the area if they need to.

Science and Knowledge
Without scientists, we’d all still be thinking that the Earth was flat, and we’d never have made it to the moon! We have science to thank for nearly everything we know about the world around us - from how rainbows form, to why some sheep are black.
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If scientists were not there, then who could have made the television, radio and computer?

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