How Do Plants Breathe?


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Plants breathe with by giving out carbon dioxide and taking in oxygen from the surrounding air. Green plants generally carry out photosynthesis as well respiration.

In the process of photosynthesis carbon dioxide is taken in and oxygen is given out. However this process of photosynthesize takes place only in light.

Plants generally respire all over, including the leaves, the stem, the roots and even the flowers. Even roots breathe in oxygen from the soil. However, access amount of water in the soil could kill plants. Generally the roots breathe easily through wet soil. Since the air carried from the atmosphere is carried down into the soil. This generally helps the roots of the plant to respire below water.
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By giving out carbon dioxide and taking in oxygen
carbon dioxide is taken in and oxygen is given out ( cant have it both way.) all plants use and need to take in carbon dioxide in one form or fashon
except Holoparasitic plants ,parasites
saprophytes. These plants are called myco-heterophytes.
But they do depend on those that do depend on the above, plants on the whole dont breath oxygen -without carbon dioxide they all die,plants depend on green house gas to survive withou
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Well thank you, because here in the Cook Island there is no infomation. Also i did not know that
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Respiration in plants is the opposite of photosynthesis. Just as animals do, plants take oxygen from the air and combine it with stored nutrients to form carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis works by plants absorbing carbon dioxide, water and nutrients in the soil and converting them into sugars and oxygen. Chlorophyll is required for the process.
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Yes because if they don,t breath they will die
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Yes, during the process of photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide and sunlight and turn it into energy also producing oxygen.

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Yes plants do breathe . They give out carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen from the air. The tissues respire just as animal tissues do. See the link below for the respiration process:

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