What Different Types Of Heather Are There?


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There are several varieties of heather in England and also in New Zealand where they were introduced. In certain places they have even overgrown native species and are considered pests. Most varieties are differentiated on the basis of habitat or appearance namely colour.

One variety is Calluna, and the other types include bell heather or Erica cinerea, which is found in well-drained soils, whereas crossed-leave heather or Erica tetralix preferring wetter soil types. Bell heathers belonging to either Erica cinera or Erica tetralix are known as carline heather. This is also commonly known as French heather. There is ling heather which is also referred to as dog heather as opposed to cat heather, which includes types of Erica cinerea/tetralix or even Calluna vulgaris. Bell heather (Erica cinerea), berry heath (Erica baccans), tree heath (Erica arborea) and hedge heath (Erica caffra) are varieties of heather found in New Zealand.
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I bought a heather plant and I think the man spelled it wrong. From what I can make out the plant starts with an I.

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