What Kind Of People Live In The Amazon Rainforest?


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There are many different kinds of tribes in the Amazon rainforest and they will all live in different but similar ways. There is the Matis tribe that is dying of disease from prostitutes and other sexual causes. There is the Marubo tribe that is successfully trying to keep their culture alive and there is the Ribrinhio tribe that is a mixture of Protestant and Catholic but they get on and all go to church together. The main religion in the Amazon is Christianity. The river people that live on the river in floating houses sometimes have to use canoes to see their own neighbour, they cut down trees to get through the forest when they are out hunting for fish and they catch fish to sell and make money, they usually make at least 30 pence a crate.

Sometimes the people help scientists and look for caiman at night time so the scientists can check the population of them and work out their growth. People that live in the Amazon also go hunting for caiman so they can use it for bate to catch fish and use the fish to make money.

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