What Are The Most Scary Animals In The Amazon Rainforest?


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Perhaps the most feared criature in the Amazon river. It has a powerful jaw and razor-like triangular teeth that can shred flesh from bone in a matter of seconds.

Black Caiman:
The largest predator in the Amazon river. It has no enemies other than man and can eat from piranha, capybara and giant river otters to humans.
The black caiman can grow to 20 feet long and reach up to 3,000 pounds in weight.

Snake of the boa constrictor type, the anaconda continue to grow throughout its entire life, reaching up to 21 feet long and an astonishing 40 stone of mass.
It will squeeze its pray until it cannot breathe, then swallow it, not chewing at all. From capybara to humans, the anaconda doesn't eat often, as it will take more than a week to digest, according to the size of the prey.

One of the most dangerous animals in the Amazon rainforest.
An excelent hunter able to swim after pirarucu or turtles ( see the video at Amazon River Fish for an example), climb trees or run after its prey. The jaguar is about 6 feet long and can reach up to 250 pounds in weight.

Poison Arrow Frog:
Very small in size, but poisonous enough as to kill up to 100 people.
It has the most powerful poison known by man, but harmless if left alone. Amazon indians hunt using its poison in the tip of their arrows.

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