What Did Lyda Newman Look Like?


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Lyda Newman looked like this:

Seeing as she was around in the late 1800's, there are very few images to be found of the inventor. The ones that have been found are all in black and white so to this day we are unsure as to what colour her hair and eyes etc are.

Newman was American and lived in New York City. She became famous for creating and developing a new type of hairbrush that had slots which were widely spaced apart, so that hair could easily slide through the bristles.

The brush was also removable from the handle so that it could be cleaned more easily. Essentially the brush was created for easier brushing experience for woman of the time.

Not many people know about her life because she was black and a woman, two factors that made her life less likely to be documented.

However, her contributions had a lasting impact on millions of women!

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