What Family And Group Period Does Calcium Belong To?


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A vertical column on the periodic table constitutes a group of elements.  Every element of a group has the same number electrons in its outer shell.  A family of elements is a set of elements with similar chemical properties, which correlates closely with the number of electrons in the outer shell.  A horizontal row on the periodic table is a period of elements.  Every element of a period has the same number of electron shells.
Calcium (Ca) is in Group 2.  Calcium is a member of the Alkaline Earth Metals family (this is also known as Group IIA).  Calcium is in Period 4.
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Calcium is a chemical element and its symbol is Ca. It is an alkaline earth metal. The atomic number of calcium is 20 and its atomic mass is 40.078 grams per mole. Calcium is placed in the second group of periodic table because it has two electrons in outer most shell. The number of valence shell, which are filled with electrons in an atom of calcium, is four. Therefore, calcium is present in fourth period of periodic table. The normal phase of calcium is solid and its color is dull Grey or silver.

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