What Do You Mean By Database Management System?


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Earlier,people use file management approach which is quite difficult
task to maintain files for big organizations,but now people use database
management system to manage their data, this is an easier way to manage
data.Database management is very important task of every organization
as database represents key of the organization.
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One kind of operation and the management database's large-scale software, is uses in establishing, the use and the maintenance database, is called dbms. It carries on the unification to the database the management and the control, guarantees the database the security and the integrity. User's through dbms visit database in data, the database administrator also carries on the database through dbms the maintenance work. It provides many kinds of functions, may cause many application procedures and the user establishes with the different method while or the different time, revision and inquiry database. It enables the user conveniently the definition and the manipulation data, the service data security and the integrity, as well as carries on multiuser under the concurrent control and restores the database

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