How Do Meiosis And Sexual Reproduction (fertilization) Produce Offspring That Differ Genetically From The Parents? Talk About Meiosis And Fertilization.


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What you've got is correct, except you could add one thing to the first point...
You said sister chromatids exchange genetic material, which is true, and this happens in second meiosis division, or meiosis 2. However this also happens during the first division of meiosis, between the pairs of chromsomes in bivalents.
You could add as another point...
3. Random fusion of gametes: Since during sexual reproduction only 2 random gametes fuse to produce an offspring, this creates unique combination of alleles.
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The purpose of sexual reproduction is to create variety within the species as the offspring inherit genes from two different individuals, usually unrelated, and so are unique and not a clone of either parent .

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