Is Removal Of My Sternum Really The Only Way To Save Me?Has Anyone Had This Done? I'm DESPERATE.


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Dear Nic 38,
My Mom had her sternum removed and a muscle flap closure procedure a year and half ago and she's doing well.  Prior to the surgery, the infection in her chest (which also occurred after open heart surgery) was so bad that she was very near death.  We were all shocked when the doctor said that she needed to have her sternum removed!  Up until then, we had never heard of it before and were not sure it she could survive it given her extremely weak state.
Thankfully she did and as I said, she is now doing well!  She had some nerve damage pain in her chest but was able to find relief with pain patches prescribed by her doctor.  She has also had some discomfort with her collar bone moving and rib movement.  She will also experience pain if she pulls or lifts heavier objects.  Her routine has not changed for most day to day activities, but we did buy her a motocross chest protector that she wears in the car (giving her added protection should she be involved in an accident and an airbag goes off).
I completely understand your fear...but the surgery was very successful for my Mom...and I believe it will be for you too!
Best of luck.  I hope this information is helpful and gives you some peace.
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I have lived without a sternum since 2007 and we have started a support site ...just google "sternectomy support"
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The infection in bone called osteomyelitis. MRSA infection requires lancing of wound first. Sternal infection is very difficult to treat and it become more difficult when causative organism is MRSA. Removal of sternum depends upon severity of the infection. Deeply seated infection require its removal.
There is one therapy called VAC therapy that is vacuum assisted closure therapy used to promote healing of chronic wounds. So, please discuss this with your doctor.

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I'm still VERY concerned about this procedure....They say after they remove his sternum that they will put in "flaps"..Does anyone know where I can look to view this surgey through video info???Still don't know what to tell him.Someone please help me!!!!!

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