Where Is Your Sternum In Your Body?


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The sternum is a flat bone that is often referred to as the breastbone due to the location that it has in the human body. The sternum sits right at the center of the chest, between the breasts.  It begins just below the throat and it is connected to the bones of the rib cage by cartilage.
It is easy to locate your sternum by running your fingers down from your throat. Once you locate the bone you can follow it downwards with your fingers to the area between your breasts.  
Every bone in the body has a function and the sternum is no exception to this rule. The main function of this bone is to offer protection for the organs that it covers. The sternum exists so that the heart, lungs and major blood vessels do not encounter any physical trauma. If any trauma to the body occurs, the sternum would receive the force and the organs underneath would stay protected from the danger.
Not all animals have a sternum. Fish are among those that do not. Some amphibians and reptiles do have a sternum, but snakes and turtles both live without one. Birds have a much larger sternum than humans do. In birds the sternum also connects the flight muscles and protrudes extensively from the body. This is not always the case as some birds that do not fly may not have this large sternum. Even animals that possess a sternum do not have the same one that humans do. The sternum that protects a human body is different from that of every other animal, mammal or otherwise.

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