What Is The Formula And Chemical Name Of A Compound Containing Helium?


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Helium is inert.  It  doesn't like to form chemical compounds.  It can become an isotope, of which He-3 and He-4 are stable and exist in the atmosphere.

Here is what wikipedia says about unstable Helium compounds
See en.wikipedia.org

Helium is chemically unreactive under all normal conditions

Helium can form unstable compounds such as HeNe, HgHe10, WHe2 and ions He2+, He22+, HeH+, and HeD+ and HgHe, but only you only find those in lab type conditions.

So unless you're answering this for an advanced college class, the answer is...  there are no stable compounds!
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Water is a chemical compound containing two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom in each molecule.  The chemical symbol is H2O, and its chemical name is hydorgen oxid.
UPDATE:  Yes.  I messed up on this one.  I read the question too quickly, and did not check myself.  Nic7320 is correct.
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Hydrogen (H) should not to be confused with Helium (He). But since you brought it up, water can be called di-hydrogen oxide (H20), or hydrogen hydroxide (HOH).
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3He +3He → 4He + 1H + 1H + 12.86 MeV, this is how the sun heats the earth with alpha particle fusion. This is the only type of equation using Helium as a reactant as Gonegrape mentioned below Helium located above the Noble gases indicating is is basically unreactive.

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