What Is The Empirical Formula Of A Compound That Is 94.1% O And 5.9% H?


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The empirical formula is the simplest form; the reduced form of a compound maybe many compounds.

Here are the data; Oxygen O at 94.1% and H at 5.9%
Assume 100grams.

94% = 0.941 x 100gm. = 94.1 gm x 1mole/16gm. = 5.88 moles of O

5.9% = 0.059 x 100gm. = 5.9gm. X 1moleH/1.002gm. = 5.88 moles of H

There is one mole of O for each mole of H so the empirical formula is H1O1 or O1H1, formally written HO or OH.

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