What Steps Will You Take To Turn Your Outline Into The Body Of Your Rough Draft?


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Follow the given steps...

The very first step will consist writing of paper’s objective on the top of the rough draft and you will also write a thesis statement. In the second step, you will approach your rough draft in sections and every section which you will make is a final paragraph in the final paper. In the third step, you will start with the first item of the outline. Pick the item and write all of the ideas under it. It is better to write complete sentences because now you are turning an outline into a rough draft. In the fourth step, write the title of the second item of your outline and this should be done on a separate sheet of paper and again write all of the ideas beneath it. In the fifth step, you will write all of the items of outline on separate sheets and formulate the ideas with each section. In the last step, you will make a conclusion out of all the items discussed.

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Easy I would make sure that all my supporting topics are sequence to my thesis and my thesis is sequence to my introductions and my introductions is sequenced to my conclusion. However, I would also make sure that all my supportive topics have logical facts and claims that support my topic and that I have examples and details that support the topic sentence.

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