What Is The Size Of Tesco?


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Tesco PLC is basically an international grocery and merchandising retail chain  that was found in 1919 in East London. The store was originally opened as a food and drink store, however, now it has into clothing, consumer electronics, financial services, music downloads, internet services etc. The size of a company is determined by the number of employees it has and the number of stores it has. It is also determined by the revenue of a company.

The store has obtained the standard of the largest British retailer terms of global sales and domestic market share. It had a revenue of 47.3 billion pounds for the year 2008. This made Tesco the fourth largest retailer of the world.

It has around 273,028 employees internationally working in 2,106 stores of different kinds in and around Britain. 

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The first thing is it depents on the employees and  in mini tesco are 60 employees and the big tesco it has about 28,000 employees.
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