I Need 15 Examples Of Diffusion! Can You HELP?


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1. Oxygen particle diffuses in and carbon dioxide diffuses out to allow you to breath.
2. Tea diffuses out throw the tea bag and into the water to make tea.
3. Perfume gas particles diffuse around the room evenly to allow you to smell the scent.
4. Heat from a radiator diffuses out and around the room
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Diffusion is the movement of a fluid from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.Diffusion can happen in air and liquid.For example:A scent.If you spay a scent.In couple of minutes the whole room would smell because the smell have diffused.If you have red ink and put a drop in the water.The water will become red.There are many things like that.
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Air freshener
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1.kids from different race diffuse in the hallway.
2.kool-aid diffuse in water when not stirred
3.hot air from a air conditioner diffuse in the air
4.food diffuse in boiling water
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Light diffuses through a sheet of frosted glass.
People diffuse from an auditorium to the streets.
A chemical diffuses into a solution.
Information on vocabulary is diffused across the Internet.
A religion's original beliefs are diffused among various sects.
A politician diffuses the issue by talking around it.
Spread spectrum radio technology diffuses information using different frequencies.
Radio waves diffuse throughout space.
Heat diffuses from a source.
Sound diffuses from a speaker.
Pool balls diffuse upon impact from the cue ball.
A virus diffuses within its host.
Colors of paint diffuse when mixed.
The impact of a collision diffuses into the car body.
And my thoughts diffuse into random ideas.


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Diffusion can be wide! Think more specifically!

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