What Are Some Examples Of Diffusion And Osmosis In Nature?


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Diffusion is the movement of the particles from the higher concentration gradient to the lower concentration gradient. For example, if you sprinkle perfume in a room then the fragrance will spread in the whole room. This is because of the movement of the particles. Secondly, when the tire of the car is punctured then air in it diffuses out and it is an example of diffusion process. Roots transfer water from lower to the upper end of the plants only because of diffusion. Heat enters in an Air conditioned room when the door of the room is opened only because of diffusion. In addition, there are many examples of diffusion around us.
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A sample of osmosis is when you put a a plant in water: So like when there are monsoons in the rice fields of china the rice becomes TUrgid due to turgid pressure. And also when you cut yourself and the blood turns brown that's from the oxygen entering the blood which has left the body
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Oxygen diffuses through the gills of fish to help them breathe underwater.
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DIFFUSION---when you cook some food in home it spread throughout our home this is bz of diffusion only,

OSMOSIS----when you boil rice they swell this is bz it has little concentration of water and lots of starch so water enter into rice and they swell...

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