How To Improve Interpersonal Skills?


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Some of the basic factors to keep in mind in order to improve your interpersonal skills are Smile, Be Appreciative, Pay Attention to others, Practice Active listening, bring people together, resolve conflicts, communicate clearly, Humour and most of all do not complain.

It is very important you keep smiling; this would not only make you feel happy but also everyone around you happy. Next be appreciative by finding all the positive things in your colleagues and let them known how good they are. Also it is important to observe everyone around you. Active listening, 'listen First Speak Last' the golden rule to any conversations. And this would highly be appreciated by your co workers. Try and talk to everyone, make everyone feel around that you all together form a group to the organisation. Try taking in every suggestion that comes your way and also help implement it. Communicate clearly and also carefully to every employee along with some pinch of humour.
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1 we have to improve our confidence level  then participating every interpersonal programs
2 to leave our shiness
3 to improve our communication  
4 to give more impartence for improve soft skills

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