How To Improve Oral Communication Skills In English?


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When children are learning to talk, they actually learn by subconsciously copying the adults. So, when they do start trying the words out, their language and accent would be similar to that of the adults around them.
Similarly, if you want to become fluent in English, it would be a good idea to listen to it as much as possible. Watch English movies and soaps, listen to English music or even buy a CD of novels read out in English that you could listen to.
The more you listen to the language, more  comfortable you become with it. Subconsciously, your brain begins to assimilate this language so that when you use it, you would be more likely to use it correctly with only a little accent.
But, listening alone would not take you all the way. You have to practice too. Start reading out English stories and news aloud. Find a friend who would also like to improve his/her English and then make it a point to mostly converse in English when you meet. When you watch a movie, how about re-enacting a scene from it for your friends or family? If you are the shy sort, may be you could do this in front of the mirror.
If you are not sure how to pronounce a word, you can look up its pronounciation in a dictionary. Usually, dictionaries tell how to read their pronounciation in the beginning. If that seems like a problem, there are many websites where you can hear the word if you type it in but I do not think this is always correct. That is because these elocutions are computerized and are based on joining different syllables and not on common usage.
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Don't read anything. Just talk to any English-speaker you can about anything, and don't worry about making mistakes. Listen to English-language media, and turn off the subtitles so you start recognizing patterns and common words.
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Create an Environment. Gather a group of friend and speak to them in solely English.
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Yeah , its very typical how to speak a good and fluent english ? But its very easy .... Improve your pronunciation and side by side do thd presentations......
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I think you have to speak English at any time and at any place.
You can improve your English by listening and speaking.
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Read the entire book titled: " The Art Of Conversation ". Any descent author explaining this logic should be appropriate.
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You can also talk to your family members in english. This is the best way. Really I have tried it and now I can speak it more fluently than before. In this way your family members(if they have any problem speaking it) will also learn it. Also keep a mini dictionary with you and always try to find whatever is difficult for you.
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Can you help me ,I  have already learned english six years,but I  didn't find a good way to improve my english.sometimes  I want to give up .

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