Why Are Ethics Important In Research?


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Ethics play a vital role in the collating of research as it vital that research undertaken is done with the best of intentions, in an honest and trusting manner so as to get the correct facts and conclusions from the research done.

The research is studied in good faith that the researchers have been ethical in the way they conducted the study, that they used factual information and did not try to fabricate the truth or hide anything in coming to their conclusion. In this way the research can then be trusted as being as accurate as possible.

  • More controversial research ethics

There is a need for research to be done on more serious topics such as drugs and chemicals. In these instances, the need for ethics is greater than ever as a lot of the research is undertaken on animals or humans. In these cases there are strict rules and ethical guidelines that need to be followed when research is done. The animals and humans must be treated fairly, understand each step of the research and, in the case of humans, must fully consent before the research can begin.

There are also guidelines about the confidentiality of personal information, as well as protecting the rights and the privacy of those involved in the study. This goes for the participants of research surveys too as guidelines dictate that the sensitive information given should be used in an ethical manner.

  • What if the guidelines are not followed?

If there is no ethical consideration taken when conducting research, that research (and the researcher) cannot be trusted and the research done is void. This is why it is imperative that every step is taken to ensure that guidelines are met, and that the research is therefore valid and trustworthy.
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It is important to have ethics in research since it promoted the aims of research. Like knowledge, truth and also avoidance of occurrence of error. It also provides values that are essential to collaborative work like faith, responsibility, shared respect and equality. The research can also be accountable to the public. It also helps to build public support for the research. These ethics also promote a variety of other important moral and social values. These values also include social responsibility, human rights, animal welfare, compliance with the law, and health and safety.

If the research does not follow certain ethics the information (research) could hold less value and could also prove bad to the human and animal subjects, students, and the public.
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Discuss the relevency and significance of ethics in relation to the behviour of the researcher

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