What Are The Biggest Problems In Society Today And What Can Or Should Be Done To Fix Them?


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This question could be explained away for hours with big words and elongated phrases.  I'll make this my simple version without all of the mumbo-jumbo:

Our society is the problem!
We face everything from racial diversity, which mainly people secretly do not accept, a horrible economy that could leave to a second Great Depression, high taxes for those who have not and nothing for those who do, inflation up the wazoo; I mean everything is wrong with us.  

Sex starts at earlier age, people question there sexuality all the time, the stigmata of dating is overrated...There are so many sub categories I could split into.  The premise is simple: We have so much wrong with us that when we try to find a solution all we find is another problem.

There are always solutions, we just have to dig to get to them!
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Following are some of the common problems faced by societies all around the world:
Clean drinking water for everyone
Hospital facilities for everyone
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One of our main problem is that the American people have become to comfortable with our freedom and think that it is some birth right. What we have forgotten is that freedom is not free and it is always a generation away from being lost if we don't pay attention to whats really going on in our country. We put way too much trust in our government to take care of us. And we believe whatever the media tells us as truth. Our society is now bankrupted and at risk of loosing our constitution. We are being carefully pushed into a One World Government and the average American just doesn't see it when its right in front of there faces! We are still in a illegal war that has killed hundred of thousands of innocent lives. What the problem is with society is that most people have become sheep. We MUST make a change and begin to get involved and see the truth about whats really going on behind the curtain.

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  • The three biggest problem in society isĀ 
  • first, is population which always says who cares.
  • second is poverty,various plans r made but no action.
  • third is mentality of people about society no one is ready to take a charge.

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