What Causes Calcium Buildup In The Intestines And What Can Be Done To Control It?


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Calcium intake is very important to the human body. It is the most vital component of the bones and hence, the whole skeletal system.
Regulating blood calcium levels are also very important. When there is a lack of sufficient calcium in the blood, soft-tissue cells, especially those of the nerves and muscle, shut down and send the body into convulsions. On the other hand, when there is too much of calcium in the system and blood, the organs 'calcify' and eventually cease to function.

This is exactly what happens when there is a calcium build up in the intestines. In the case of human patients who have lost their parathyroid glands or their kidneys and can no longer keep a check of the level of calcium in the blood, the newly synthesized vitamin D hormone is induced in the system. This has a dramatic effect on the system and cures them of convulsions and chronic bone diseases. In the case of the intestines, the similar application is resorted to, once the diagnosis is confirmed.

However, the calcium build up within the intestines can be fatal and needs to be assessed immediately. The resultant clogging ruins a number of adjacent organs too and ultimately, the condition can only be treated by surgery.
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If calcium is deposited in the intestine in excess amount it can result in Calcium Kidney Stone. This is a general disease which may be caused due to excess amount of calcium in the intestine. It can cause abnormal urine drainage. Abnormal urine drainage can be determined when a person faces difficulties while urinating. It can result in sudden strong ache in your stomach and infection in your system of urinating. It is possible that a male suffering from Kidney stone may find his urinating organ swollen. If there are symptoms of pregnant women having bacteria germs in their urine; then the urine should be checked, if it is confirmed then her urinating organ should be treated.

This disease can be prevented by Cellulose sodium phosphate. Cellulose sodium phosphate decreases a good amount of calcium that the intestine soaks, and also decreases calcium from urine that helps in preventing Calcium Kidney Stone.
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Build up of calcium in my arm and shoulder what happens

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