What Are The Differences Between DNA And RNA?


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DNA contains deoxyribose sugar (i.e there is not hydroxyl group on carbon 2)
RNA contains ribose sugar

DNA has the base pairs thymine, cytosine guanine and adenine
RNA has the base pairs uracil, cytosine, guanine and adenine

DNA is double stranded
RNA is almost always single stranded

DNA is exclusively found in the nucleus except for small amounts in the mitochondria and the chloroplast
RNA is made in the nucleus and travels to the cytosol

DNA last for a lifetime
RNA last for a short time

DNA contains deoxyribonucleotide monophosphates
RNA contains ribonucleotide monophosphates

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Just a small correction, the hydroxyl group is not missing from carbon 2. It is actually carbon 3, or 3 prime as it is properly known.
Also, DNA is not always double stranded. Some bacteria have single stranded DNA. It is a single strand, but still has thymine, not uracil, such as is in RNA
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Difference                      DNA                                                                      RNA
sugar                                deoxyribnuclecacid                                          ribose
shape                              duple hilex                                                        single strand
N_base                            T-C-G-A                                                            T-C-G-you
postion                            nucleus                                                            cytoplasm
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DNA is Deoxyribonucleic acid and RNA is Ribonucleic acid. DNA has double- stranded molecule with a long chain of nucleotides while RNA has  single stranded molecule with shorter chain of nucleotides. DNA has 4 bases: Adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine while RNA has adenine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil. DNA has  a deoxyribose and phosphate while RNA has ribose and phosphate. DNA is of single type but RNA is of three types.
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RNA is single stranded and DNA is double stranded.DNA has a deoxyribose sugar and RNA has a ribose sugar.Not all DNA are double stranded and not all RNA are single stranded.DNA contains Thymine base and RNA has a Uracil base.both carry genetic info and DNA is only found in nuclues and RNA is found in both outside and within the nuclues.
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  1. RNA consists of ribose sugar while DNA consists of deoxyribose sugar.
  2. RNA is single stranded but DNA is double stranded.
  3. RNA consists of Adenine,guanine,cytosine and uracil but DNA consists of adenine,guanine,cytosine and thymine

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The DNA contains the information that is necessary in the development of a new cell on the other hand RNA contains the set of instructions that specifies how the proteins will be connected to make up the new cell. DNA is made up of a double strand of nucleotides that are twisted and shaped like a ladder while in RNS it is just a single nucleotide strand. The structure of the DNA specifies the structure of the new cell while the RNA is arranged according to the sequence on the DNA. To every DNA molecule there is the matching molecule on the RNA, it is like a mirror image.
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Dna cointains 1 strand while rna cointains 2, dna has a cointains sugar and rna has a ribose sugar, and rna cointains uracil and dna cointains thymine
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A major similarity of DNA and RNA is that both DNA and RNA molecules are composed of repeating units of nucleotides. The nucleotide is the monomer that makes up the DNA and RNA polymers. Each of the nucleotides that make up the DNA and RNA consists of the same basic three components, namely, a sugar, a phosphate and a base comprising mainly nucleic acid.

The main difference between DNA and RNA is the sugar present in the molecules. While the sugar present in a DNA molecule is ribose, the sugar present in a molecule of RNA is deoxyribose. Deoxyribose is the same as ribose, except that the former has one more OH. An OH is known as hydroxyl, and it is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen in a single atom. There is a greater variety of nucleic acid bases in RNA molecules than there is in DNA molecules. DNA molecules basically have four nucleic acid bases, and possibly a few more, but their presence is occasional and rare.

The difference in the nucleic bases present in DNA and RNA allows the molecules of the latter to assume a wider variety of shapes and perform more functions than the former. DNA is sometimes merely perceived to be a set of instructions which enables the RNA to perform its role more effectively, but these directions are absolutely important.

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