What Is The Meaning Of Poor Communication Skills In A Care Setting?


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Communication skills doesn't only include verbal communications, but non-verbal communication skills are also very essential in a care setting. Non-verbal communication includes:
Posture: 90 degrees posture is important to give the client some space
The way one moves: Example sitting cross legs might send a message to the individual that you are bored...
Gestures: These has to match with what you're saying or the right message won't be delivered.
Facial Expressions: Indicates emotional state.
Touch: Sends messages of caring, and affection.

All of the above are important non-verbal skills that if they aren't achieved the communication might not be effective as one hopes for. Example if one's non-verbals sends a message to the client that you are bored or that you're not listening to what the client is saying, the client might think twice whether to continue expressing himself. Another important thing that should be done to promote an effective communication is to use empathy; to understand how the client is feeling by putting you're self in the client's shoes.

So I guess poor communication skills are done when not doing the things mentioned above, and the result would be that the message wouldn't be delivered.

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