What is electronic communication in a health care setting?


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It is an electronic form of communication (as stated) and used in places such as doctor's surgeries, hospitals, opticians etc. They may use electronic communication to keep records of their patients, to make appointments, to type out letters underlining what a patient is going to have done to them in terms of their health care (operations for example). Patients may be able to keep in contact better with their health carer in this easier form of communication - reminders may be sent via email or text, and cancellations can easily be made. The business may have a website in which patients can talk in blogs, or where by patients can read up on events to come in the future or proceedures which are going to occur. Electronic communication is less formal and so may seem less 'scary' to a person when they are talking about their health. Although they can not ask questions immediately it may be good for them to have seen it written down in the form of an email first so that they can let it sink in before they speak verbally about it.

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