How Do The Different Forms Of Potential Energy Depend On An Object's Position Or Chemical Composition?


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How do the different forms of potential energy depend on an objects position or chemical composition

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Basically potential energy is always stored in a body because of its position or chemical composition. Firstly, I will elaborate potential energy because of position. The formula of potential energy is P.E = mgh which shows that a body of mass "m", is when at a height of "h" then it has potential energy equivalent to mgh. In this formula "g" is the force of gravity that is 9.8 newton. Now when a body changes its position then if there is an increase in height then potential energy is produced. The reason is that mass of body and gravity is constant while only height is changing, therefore, P.E is only dependent on height in such case. When a ball is thrown up then it gains P.E. Similarly, Elastic potential energy is produced when it is stretched and it stores energy.

Potential energy is dependent on Chemical composition in the case of atoms and molecules. The structure of atom has a specific orbital arrangement. When atoms form bonds then their position is changed and they can go from lower orbit to upper orbit. In this way the new chemical composition has changed the potential energy of atom. 

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